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A child who reaches out to hear better
A child who reaches out to hear better





How do you restore hearing to a father who suffers from single side deafness in one ear and profound hearing loss in the other ear?
SOUNDUCT was born of this personal need of our co-founder Jean-Philippe MARIE DE CHASTENAY.
Suffering from otosclerosis, his father had his ear destroyed during a surgery several decades ago. The second ear was also affected. Presbycusis (cell ageing) will be added classically with age.

For our second founder, Olivier GAUTHIER, it was his father-in-law who suffered from profound bilateral deafness.
He also suffers from Alzheimer's disease, which highlights the problems of speech intelligibility and comprehension, particularly in noisy environments.
In both cases, as with many other hearing-impaired people, conventional hearing aids are quite ineffective.

Another solution must be found.


Creation of Sounduct

Jean-Philippe initiated a first stage of purely technological R&D in 2017 to try to restore his father's hearing.
The first tests were promising.
Olivier soon joined him to structure the project and finance this disruptive innovation.

Sounduct was created in April 2021.

Since then, a scientific committee and a strategic committee have been set up. They bring together seasoned experts with complementary profiles essential to the challenges of a Deeptech company with an international vocation.



Today, Sounduct's operational team consists of a dozen people, mainly engineers.
Our R&D center and head office are located on the Nextmed campus in Strasbourg, in the former ENT building of the civil hospital.
The teams are working on the conception and design of a new, high-performance and ergonomic hearing technology, for better management of deafness.


Clinical trials





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